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Ornela is a progressive democrat committed to transforming the judicial system by advocating for fairness, equity, and community-oriented approaches to ensure a more just and compassionate society.

Criminal Justice Reform

I am committed to fostering positive change within our criminal justice system. I believe in a fair and equitable legal landscape that prioritizes rehabilitation over punishment. Our criminal justice system is broken. I am dedicated to implementing meaningful criminal justice reforms that address systemic issues, promote rehabilitation programs, and ensure equal opportunities for all individuals within our community. Together, we can build a judicial system that reflects our shared values of compassion, fairness, and the belief in second chances.

Diversion Programs

I will promote and enhance diversion programs that divert away from the traditional criminal justice process. This approach not only reduces the burden on our already-strained correctional facilities but, more importantly, gives individuals the opportunity to engage in rehabilitative services, counseling, and education tailored to their needs. Together, we can create a criminal justice system that emphasizes rehabilitation, reduces recidivism, and fosters a safer, more inclusive community.


Justices of the Peace handle eviction cases. I am dedicated to implementing and supporting innovative programs that prevent homelessness and prioritize fair and compassionate solutions for those facing eviction. I will work tirelessly to promote the expansion of housing assistance programs, advocating for policies that provide financial support, mediation services, and legal representation for tenants at risk of eviction. By fostering collaboration between community organizations, landlords, and tenants, we can create a more just and equitable system that prevents unnecessary displacement.

Language and Culture

I strongly believe in fostering a legal environment that is not only accessible but also sensitive to the diverse languages and cultures within our community. Recognizing the importance of clear communication and cultural understanding in the judicial process, I am committed to ensuring that our courtroom becomes a space where everyone feels heard, understood, and respected. I will work to implement measures that make legal proceedings more accessible in terms of language and cultural awareness. This includes providing interpretation services for non-English speakers, developing outreach programs to inform communities about their rights, and promoting cultural competency training for legal professionals. By breaking down language barriers and bridging cultural gaps, we can ensure that justice is not only done but is seen to be done by all members of our diverse community.

Working People

I will create a courtroom environment that is accessible to all, especially to working people who often face unique challenges in engaging with the legal system. I understand the time constraints and responsibilities that come with a demanding work schedule, and I am dedicated to implementing initiatives that prioritize flexibility and convenience. I will work to streamline court processes, extend hours, and utilize technology to reduce the need for multiple in-person appearances, making it easier for working individuals to participate in legal proceedings. Additionally, I will advocate for policies that provide support for those facing financial constraints, ensuring that the cost of legal representation and court fees does not become a barrier to justice.

Community Partner

Partnering and fostering strong collaborations with local organizations is essential. Recognizing the invaluable role that community groups play in addressing societal issues, I aim to work hand-in-hand with these organizations to create a more responsive and effective judicial system. I will actively seek partnerships with community organizations, leveraging their expertise to address the unique needs of the people who come to the courtroom. This collaborative approach involves developing and supporting programs that provide legal education, outreach, and support services. By partnering with community organizations, we can ensure that the legal system is not only accessible but also responsive to the specific concerns and challenges faced by our neighbors.

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